Rise of the Runelords

A campaign for the Pathfinder roleplaying game.


Human Oracle


Ntombi was a normal child of the Garundi nation of Osirion, until she reached puberty - whereupon she unexpectedly and cataclysmically developed temporal powers. Time fractured around her, affecting her village and its inhabitants - some were aged, some restored to their youth; some instantly withering to bone-dust, some vanishing from time altogether.

Terrified and confused, Ntombi fled. With the initial destructive outburst of her power behind her, the terror and confusion was joined by guilt - what had she done, and how? With no-one to help her, Ntombi turned to the gods, praying for insight and a way to undo what she had done.

They were only too eager to answer. In visions, Ntombi witnessed events of the past, and saw the threads of fate leading into a myriad of potential futures. As these abilities grew, her eyes began to cloud over - her gifted ability to see the past and the future weakening her natural ability to see the present.

As Ntombi's powers slowly fell under her control, she managed to eke out a living from fortune-telling - although her unusual accuracy wass not always appreciated when those fortunes were less than desirable. Her visions continued - both flashes of the past and glimpses of the future - but, to her sadness and frustration, they never provided insight into how to undo the disaster that had struck the village of her birth.

A few years later, one apocalyptic vision eclipsed everything that has come before. Although details are clouded and hard to make out, Ntombi knew that something long-forgotten was stirring. With her growing understanding of the threads of time, Ntombi knew that the future was still malleable, and this looming disaster could yet be averted. With grim determination, she packed up her belongings, and embarked on a ship destined for the small town she'd seen in her visions - Sandpoint.

Profile of Ntombi, a human oracle from Osirion.